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State of the New York Jets Roster, Interior Offensive Linemen

This post continues our examination of the Jets' roster by looking at the interior offensive linemen. For an explanation of the rating system, click here.

Nick Mangold (1-A)

Centers usually do not go in the first round of the NFL Draft. Mangold had that grade coming out of Ohio State. Some called him a once in a decade prospect. Since the Jets took him, he has done everything possible to match the hype. Nick has started every game since he joined the team. He has had a ton of success facing some of the best interior defensive linemen in the league. He makes the calls on arguably the most successful blocking unit in the league. He is not only a top tier player at his position. He is the best at his position.

Brandon Moore (1-A)

I went back and forth on this one. I understand if people think Moore should be in the second tier. The reason I ultimately put him so highly is that I honestly think he would be one of the first guards off the board if the league held a draft at the position. Moore has steadily over time turned himself into an excellent player. He played defensive tackle in college and went undrafted. He worked his way from the practice squad to the roster. Eventually he cracked the starting lineup. He was something of a liability at first. As recently as 2007, many fans questioned the Jets giving him a contract extension. I kind of questioned people being upset over the Jets cutting him for a day in the 2008-2009 offseason before resigning him. Over the past two years, Moore's play has taken off. He consistently wins one on ones in the run game. The Jets have loved to run it to the right side and found a ton of success. Pro Football Focus also notes he has allowed a combined 2 sacks and 2 quarterback hits while starting every game these past 2 years.

Matt Slauson (2-C)

Slauson's first season as a starter had its ups and downs, but the ups outweighed the downs. He was viewed as the weak link of the line before the year. There were questions about whether the team would miss Alan Faneca's run blocking. The Jets averaged 4.4 yards per carry in 2010, just off their 4.5 average in 2009.  In some games, I thought his play was key to big rushing efforts. He did a good job as a puller, an area Faneca excelled in. To take his game to the next level, Matt is going to have to learn deal better against interior pass rushers.

Robert Turner (3-E)

Turner has seen time as an extra blocker when the Jets have gone to big running formations. He has also contributed seeing time on special teams and defense (although the defensive contributions have not been particularly good). He is a useful guy to have around as a spare part. He was exposed, though, when he replaced an injured Nick Mangold temporarily in the AFC Championship Game.

Marlon Davis (4-F)

One of a handful of guys who will have an uphill fight to get on the active roster. It might take an injury or the team letting Turner walk. If any of these guys has something, Bill Callahan will get it out of them.

Dennis Landolt (4-F)

He also fits the bill.

Robby Felix (4-F)

So does he.