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Washington Redskins to Make a Big Play for Santonio Holmes?

The other day we discussed rumors that the Redskins might make a big move to try and land Braylon Edwards. Now there is talk they might be interested in the other big ticket free agent receiver the Jets have.

Signing New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes reportedly is the primary objective of Redskins coach and chief decision maker Mike Shanahan.


We have discussed the Holmes vs. Edwards debate in depth and are probably not done here. No matter how you feel about it, all indications thus far are that the Jets plan on making a big move to keep Holmes. With David Harris franchised, they might spend the bulk of the short negotiating period trying to lock him up before he hits the market. He is sure to be a very hot commodity if he gets to free agency.

Losing him to Washington would at least be less painful than another AFC contender like New England or Baltimore.

On another note, is anybody surprised the Redskins might be spending big trying to bring in a big name? Why did people expect this to end under Mike Shanahan? I remember people saying that Shanahan would bring an end to the team's wild free agent spending and poor drafting. I recall the reason the Broncos got rid of him was his very poor record of drafting and giving out bad free agent contracts.