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2011 Cap Tentatively Set: Could Be Good News For "The Big Cat"

I think it is time for some good football news. God knows we could all use it right about now. A source has told John Clayton, from ESPN, that there is a tentative agreement on a $120 Million salary cap. Even though this is $8 million less than it was in 2009, it comes with a small benefit that can help out the Jets most tenured Jet. According to the report, there is discussion of putting a provision in place, where teams will have the option to use a $1.5-3 Million exemption on an existing player. That money would not be going against the 2011 cap in other words.

To me, there is no one else more deserving of this opportunity than Mr. Ellis. I know we got Wilkerson to replace Ellis, but one year spitting time with the long time Jet, would do him good. Other than Devito and Pouha, there isn't much experience on our D-line. Can Ellis still hack it? Of course he can. He more than proved that in the 2010 playoffs.

There has also been reports that the Jets are well above the $120 Million cap, but that number is sure to go down a great deal. As long as the bidding war for Holmes doesn't get out of hand, we should be able to bring him and Braylon back. I am not worried one bit about signing who we need to sign. Let's get this CBA finished with already, and worry about real things like weekly matchups.