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The Top 15 Players of the Rex Ryan Era, #12: Mike DeVito

First off, shout out to Exystence for guessing right. 

Now, let me defend myself for putting Mr. Devito as high as he is. 

This list is based purely on how good a player is at their job. Just because everyone knows Sanchez and Tomlinson does not mean they will rank higher than the DeVito's and Brandon Moore's out there. This is from a scouting perspective.

Let me tell you, Mike DeVito was excellent at doing his job, especially in 2010. 

Wonder why the Jets are so good at stopping the run under Rex, even though we haven't had a truly dominant NT? (although Pouha has played well). First, the Jets have Revis, which allows linebackers and safties to play the run first. Yes, the linebackers, particularly the inside guys, are good against the run. 

But the Jets defensive line, without Jenkins, has been able to eat up four gaps with three guys on a consistient basis. Most of that credit goes to DeVito. He can penetrate, hold his edge, and tackle. In a five technique DE, there's not much more you can ask out of the guy. 

I'll put this out there: Sione Pouha did not make this list. When Jenkins went down, the Jets run D actually improved. So fans and analysts look at who is fulling in at NT, and assume that person is doing a great job. Nothing personal against Sione, I like him as a player but this list is for the elite players. DeVito is an elite run defender, and is probably the most underrated player on the team. It is really shocking how little he is talked about.

Hint for #11: This guy is probably the fastest player on the team.