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Forbes: Jets Are 10th Most Valuable Sports Franchise

The NFL may be suffering through a Lockout, but sports organizations are still finding ways to turn a profit. And one specific team that operates out of Florham Park is no exception.

Forbes has released its annual list highlighting the top 50 most valuable sports teams, and Gang Green rounded out the top 10.

1) Manchester United($1.86 billion)

2) Dallas Cowboys ($1.81 billion)

3) New York Yankees ($1.7 billion)

4) Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion)

5) Real Madrid ($1.45 billion)

6) New England Patriots ($1.37 billion)

7) Arsenal ($1.19 billion)

8) New York Giants ($1.18 billion)

9) Houston Texans ($1.17 billion)

10)New York Jets ($1.14 billion)

Money. Power. Respect.