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Mark Sanchez Says Big Rookie Salaries Might Go the Way of the Dodo

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Mark Sanchez stopped by Fox Business Network and talked about a number of topics, including potential changes he forsees in the new CBA to rookie wages.

On whether rookie pay scales will remain high:

"It’s a serious investment and I’ve seen both sides of it now. I just feel like it’s hard to justify unless you start playing really well, a big time contract like that. I think those days may be over because there are veteran players who have proven their skills and have proven their talent on the field and they deserve those contracts."

It is funny because Sanchez benefited from this system when he got his rookie deal. Something does not make sense, though, when guys with no track record make way more than proven players. It really does not make sense to give rookies huge money based on nothing more than potential. How else could a guy like Vernon Gholston get a vastly bigger deal than Matt Slauson?

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