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The Top 15 Jets of the Rex Ryan Era, #13: Tony Richardson

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When the Jets inked Tony Richardson to a new deal in 2008, they knew they were getting a quality veteran fullback that could help get the porous running game back on track. They knew what kind of man Tony is, but they probably never foresaw the emotional impact he would have on this team during his time as a Jet. 

On the field, its hard to tell that Tony is as old as he is. He rarely misses a block or assignment, he makes sure everyone is doing their job, and has been a crutch for our young Mark Sanchez - between him and Mangold, there's a lot of quality knowledge being poured into Mark's head before every snap (which is sometimes canceled out by Schotty's input). He did all he could to help the young John Conner take his job (and it appears he will in 2011). 

It is unlikely that Richardson will see another year in green and white, but there is no denying the enormous impact he has had on this team. 

Let's recap the list so far:

15: LaDainian Tomlinson

14: Mark Sanchez

13: Tony Richardson

Hint for #12: This player was an undrafted free agent, and is the first defensive player on the list.