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New Book Coming Out on 1980's Jets

A big Jets fan named Greg Prato has written a book about the Jets during the 1980's titled Sack Exchange. It is coming out September 1.

Comprised of all-new, exclusive interviews with Jets players, head coaches, and those closest to the organization, Sack Exchange is not only an eye-opening account of the Jets from this time, but also of the National Football League as a whole.

Examined are such topics as the beginning of the Jets-Dolphins rivalry, the controversial firing of head coach Walt Michaels and hiring of Joe Walton, the team’s relationships behind the scenes, the emergence of Joe Klecko, the rise and fall of Mark Gastineau, steroid use among the Jets and in the NFL, the legendary Shea Stadium as well as never-before-heard stories and insight into the legacy of Joe Namath.

It looks interesting. This era was a pretty wild one. We will likely have more on this as the release approaches.