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The Incentive to Get a Deal Done Soon

Getty Images explains what is on the line if the players and owners do not end the lockout soon.

And with owners and players haggling over the rookie wage scale, guidelines for free agency and how benefits for retired players will be funded, the next few days are critical. Should the differences remain strong and prevent a timely deal, the first full weekend of preseason games could be canceled — at a cost upward of $60 million.

That is the first estimate I have seen of the cost missing part of the preseason would be. That seems like quite an incentive. Ironically, the lockout might work out well for fans. A lot of that revenue is generated from ticket and concession money. Fans pay top dollar to watch a lot of backups play. If spectators save a bit of money by not having to buy tickets for second tier football, it probably would not be the worst thing in the world.