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Washington Redskins to Make a Big Play for Braylon Edwards?

ESPN's John Clayton warns to expect Dan Snyder to make a bold offer to try and land free agent to be Braylon Edwards (Hat tip to The Jets Blog).

ESPN's John Clayton on free agent Braylon Edwards: "Watch for Washington to make a big bid."

Giving big money to a guy whose name has been bigger than his career production? That sure sounds like the Redskins. The fact he is property of the Jets makes it sound even more plausible since these two teams have had a bizarre tendency to flip players back and forth over the past decade.

I would like to see Braylon back but only at the right price. Considering his existing chemistry and relative youth, he is probably the best option as a deep threat. There are close enough substitutes who will likely be available at a much cheaper price, though, that should prevent the Jets from jumping in with monster money.

I guess we might find out how serious Braylon is when he says he will do anything to stay in New York.