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State of the New York Jets Roster, Full Backs

We continue taking stock in the Jets' roster. Now we move to fullbacks. For a refresher on our ratings system, click here.

Tony Richardson (1-A)

A top tier player at fullback is not as significant as it is at other positions, but Richardson is just that. While he might give more as a receiver or runner, he is a top notch blocker, the most significant responsibility of the  position. Even at advanced age, he is athletic enough to effectively get to his man, and smart enough to consistently identify where he needs to be. Tony has been the unheralded man in the Jets' run game these past three years. He will be missed if this is it.

John Conner (2-C)

Conner probably could have been a very effective starter as a rookie, but giving him a year to learn from Richardson will only help him. Through Hard Knocks, he gained a reputation as a punishing blocker. I am intrigued by what his pounding style could bring as a power runner in the mold of Earnest Graham.