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The Top 15 Players of the Rex Ryan Era, #14: Mark Sanchez

Now, before you start filling up your water guns with Haterade, let me present my case as to why our little Sanchito was ranked so "low".  

Yes, he has played well in the playoffs. Yes, he had moments in 2010 that saved the team from defeat, most notably against Houston, Detroit, and Cleveland. Yes, he sells the most jerseys, and yes, he eats at taco bell. 

Still, it is human nature to look at the past with a more positive perspective than it truly was. People love classic rock because it reminds them of simpler times, even though those times were not as simple as they actually were.

Now you're probably even more confused than before, but let me make my point - there were times over the past two seasons where we were all ready to run this kid out of town. Remember Miami after the New England debacle? Or the 6 turnovers against Buffalo? I could go on, but also keep in mind that Sanchez has a terrific cast around him - if you stick Philip Rivers behind Mangold taking snaps it would be almost illegal. 

Yes, I acknowledge that Sanchez is still young, and his inconsistencies were inevitable. But I combined the good with the bad, and put him at #14 on this list. 

Hint for number 13: He was one of the pickups from the 2008 free agency splurge.