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Lockout Nearing an End?

One member of the media says so.

The NFL is confident enough its lockout will be resolved this week, it has established a 12-Day Plan to resume football activities beginning Saturday at midnight, league sources told SportsRadio 610.

Barring an 11th-Hour collapse in negotiations, the agreement between the league and players will be ratified this week – not at the July 21 meetings in Atlanta, as has been reported – ending the longest work stoppage in league history.

I know we can never totally discern how valid rumors are, but the fact a credible media source is saying so cannot be bad news, right? Let us just ignore the Tim Cowlishaw precedent for a moment.

One caveat is how tenuous big negotiations can be. Frequently, nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. I will gladly take any reason for optimism after the long road these labor woes have provided.