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State of the New York Jets Roster, Quarterbacks

The following is where I rate the current crop of Jets quarterbacks. Please go below for an explanation of the rating system.

Mark Sanchez (2-C)

We have seen what Sanchez is capable of doing when he is at his best. It is a matter of consistency. If he can at least play respectable ball when not at his best, he will eventually jump into the first tier. Everything is set up for Mark. He has the defense, run game, and receiving corps to thrive. If he had just played a bit better in games where he was off last year, the Jets could have been 14-2. It is tough to not see the potential of a guy who outplayed Tom Brady in Foxborough in the Playoffs in just his second season.

Mark Brunell (3-E)

This might be generous. It has been a long time since Brunell has seen time at quarterback in a moment of any significance. Probably the best thing he has going for him is his experience. Say what you will, but he will not be afraid of any situation he is in.

Greg McElroy (3-D)

McElroy probably faces an uphill battle to have a career of any significance in the NFL, but he does seem to complete the checklist of qualities you would want in a developmental quarterback. He is smart, a hard worker, an overachiever, accurate, a winner, etc.

Kellen Clemens (4-F)

He was a second round pick. He has 5 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 5 years as a pro. He still looks as flustered under center as a typical rookie.

Kevin O'Connell (4-F)

Read the part about Clemens and consider the Jets kept him over O'Connell a year ago. O'Connell did not look like a capable quarterback against third stringers in preseason.

Drew Willy (4-F)

He could make the roster in theory, but he seems much more like camp fodder. He would need to light it up Brett Ratliff style, and McElroy would need to look totally inept.