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State of the New York Jets Roster, Ratings Explained

Over the next few days, I am going to borrow a concept from two of SB Nation's AFC East blogs, Buffalo Rumblings and The Phinsider. Both of these sites have taken their teams' respective rosters and placed their players into tiers. I will do this position by position on the Jets.

The following are the tiers:

Tier One (Group A)

These guys are at the very top of their position. If you were looking to fill a need, these guys would be among the first you would look at. You would be completely satisfied with somebody from this group.

Tier Two (Groups B and C)

The second tier comprises guys who are solid starters. These are not necessarily top level talent, but they are still good. In other words, you would not consider their position one of weakness. Group B has players 26 or older. Group C has players 25 or younger who have made a positive contribution and potentially have upside to move into the first tier.

Tier Three (Groups D and E)

This tier is for more marginal players. Group D has players 25 or younger. The difference between Group C and Group D is the Group D guys have not contributed anything yet but still have potential and figure to get at least one more chance to fill a role on the roster. Group E are older guys who are marginal starters. You could get by with them, but the team should actively try to upgrade to keep these guys from a starting role. Group E is pretty much guys who are NFL players but you would prefer as backups with limited roles.

Tier Four (Group F)

These guys are marginal players. They are camp and practice squad fodder. Please note that some guys under 25 probably fall into this category.