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New York Jets Take Top Spot for Team Facilities in Division

According to Tim Graham at least:

Best team facility, New York Jets: The Jets spent $75 million for their headquarters in Florham Park, N.J. It's by far the nicest stand-alone facility in the division and stacks up favorably around the league. The Patriots are the only AFC East club that makes its home within its home stadium. So I guess I could've subtracted points from the Jets for not having 69,000 seats. But their facility is stand-alone remarkable.

With all of the talk centered around the team not going to Cortland for training camp, it is worth noting that the team could probably have worse places to be than Florham Park. Having high quality facilities should also serve as a reminder that the Jets have ownership committed to winning, which is no small advantage in the NFL. Woody Johnson has shown a consistent willingness to put money into giving his club advantages.