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The Romantic Mix-up of 2011

Just when you thought that this lockout couldn't take any more crazy turns, the football gods/Us Weekly has thrown us another curve ball. It turns out the Heroes star, Hayden Panettiere, is actually dating the newest member to the our Jets family, Scotty McKnight. It's easy to see how the mix up came to pass, once you factor in the two men were mixing it up in the sandbox together, years ago.

I for one, am very happy we can put this issue to rest. I spent many sleepless nights, trying to put this three piece puzzle together. Little did I know, I was just missing a piece. With this story coming to fruition, the NFLPA, and the owners can finally come to an agreement. It is widely known that this love triangle is the hot button topic that put the two sides at each other's throats. I wish Hayden and Scotty all the best. Now let's play some football.