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New York Jets Among Favorites to Land Plaxico Burress According to Oddsmakers

The Jets are among the favorites to land recently released from prison Plaxico Burress according to Bodog.

Who will sign Plaxico Burress?  

Philadelphia Eagles                    3/2

New York Jets                           3/1

St. Louis Rams                          11/2

Washington Redskins                15/2

Minnesota Vikings                     15/2

Pittsburgh Steelers                    10/1

Chicago Bears                           12/1

New York Giants                        12/1

Cleveland Browns                       15/1

Oakland Raiders                        15/1

These are based more on guesswork and speculation than any inside information so take it all with a grain of salt. Burress is probably going to end up somewhere due to his track record. I still cannot help but wonder whether people might be expecting too much from him. He was an excellent receiver at one time, but he is 34 and out of football shape. Perhaps he will prove me wrong, but I think people expecting him to come in and play like he did in 2007 might be in for a pretty big disappointment.