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Miami Dolphins Unable to Learn New Offense Due to Lockout?

An important part of the offense for a division rival is saying the lockout is preventing his team from learning a new system.

"We've got a new offense to put in this year and it's going to be a big test for us to build that chemistry and timing. And this definitely doesn't help us at all."

"This is time we can't get back, which is unfortunate, because if this continues it might be all bad," Bess said before the start of David Clowney's Celebrity Weekend at Atlantic High School.

With NFL training camps scheduled to start next month, wide receiver Davone Bess said Friday night the ongoing lockout is having a "tremendous" effect on the Dolphins' efforts to get ready for next season.

I do not think OTA's are usually very important. I praise guys on the Jets for putting together workouts because it shows leadership, and doing something beats nothing. I am skeptical these workouts will have a major impact in the fall, though.

There are two exceptions. The first is rookies who need as much work and study time as possible to pick up new concepts. The second is teams installing a new system. Losing time while installing a new system can be more damaging because it impacts every player on that side of the ball, while only a handful of guys are rookies.

This is why I thought the Jets were right to retain Brian Schottenheimer this year regardless of my displeasure with his overall job performance.

I didn't really understand the Dolphins hiring Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator anyway. His offenses were horrible in Cleveland. I understand he did not have a ton of talent, but good coaches in the NFL find a way to maximize what they have. All you ever heard was from Browns fans was railing about how Daboll did not do that. I was also underwhelmed by the job he did with Jets quarterbacks while New York's quarterbacks coach under Eric Mangini. Like Mangini, the reason he seems to keep getting jobs was that Bill Belichick liked him at one point.

Starting out behind the eight ball like this makes things a bit more problematic for a rival.