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Damien Woody Says He Wants to Stay in New York

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Damien Woody recorded a video a few days ago called his "Decision." It was obviously a spoof on the fiasco LeBron James and ESPN put together last summer when James announced he was going to the Miami Heat.

The video is only a few seconds long, but Woody says he wants to keep his talents here in New York. If the Jets are inclined to bring him back as some reports suggest, it sounds like he is open to it. That seems like a good thing.

Let us not read too much into it. It probably will come down to money. It is what things usually come down to with athletes. The bottom line is they have a limited amount of time to maximize their earnings. I know a lot of people like to speculate about players taking a discount. I do it too. It just frequently does not work out that way. Woody has made over $30 million in his career, but he is near the end of the line and might not have much time to make cash. He already has a pair of Super Bowl rings from New England so he might not be willing to take a discount to win. Who could really blame him?

I think it is a good sign he wants to come back, but this does not make it a guarantee he will be a Jet after the lockout ends.