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Flight Connections 06-30-11

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HC Rex Ryan is one of the four best AFC East coaches.  Or something.

Jets Insider: Is QB Mark Sanchez overrated?

The sister of C Nick Mangold will be appearing on MTV.  (Out of respect for Nick and his family, I won't call it EmptyV.)

FB John Conner is scheduled to join DT Kris Jenkins at his football camp in Wayne, NJ.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson believes team-building would have been easier at an off-site facility.

S Eric Smith continues speaking about player safety during the lockout.

SS Jim Leonhard shares videos from his football camp: ladder drills with Coach Palermo, offensive line with Coach Roehl, and quarterbacks with Coach Hamdan.

According to The Fifth Down, Santonio Holmes is a top ten WR but Braylon Edwards is not.

Former Jets WR Wesley Walker preaches perseverance.

Former Jets QB Brooks Bollinger will be a head coach at a North Dakota high school.

Acme Packing Company shares video of former Jets HC Herman Edwards talking to rookies yesterday.

SB Nation New York presents expecations from Gang Green once the lockout is over.

Inquisitr presents a to do list for Gang Green once the lockout is over.

The NFL Network will be re-airing "Hard Knocks" this weekend.


More connections after the jump.

Find out more about Doug Blevins, who has been a kicking consultant for Gang Green.

This news is not so new, but I didn't realize former NFL HC Marty Schottenheimer has returned to coaching.

Fox Sports shares video of rules analyst Mike Pereira and NFL Referee Ed Hochuli talking about officiating.

CBS Sports' Mike Freeman shares a conspiracy theory.

Forbes: No offseason means no "Me Time" in the NFL.

I'm still wondering what has happend to Martin Roche and his Infinite Jets blog.

If you still have VHS tapes lying around, it is time to convert them to DVD or Blu-ray.  Not necessarily football related, just some good advice.


I'm digging the green logos at Camp LT:


This "60 Minutes" interview with Jets great QB Joe Namath is a few years old, but if you haven't seen it, it's new to you (H/T Michael Vallese).


Here is Broadway Joe's former teammate OL Bob Talamini getting inducted into the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It's a half hour long, but we're in a lockout and you have the time.


Here is Pro Interviews interviewing LB Jamaal Westerman:


And here is K Nick Folk talking about, what else, kicking:


Enjoy!  Leave some comments if you can.  We're in a lockout, and we're all dying of boredom.