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Eric Smith Is Critical of Player Run Practices During Lockout

Editor's note: The original title of this piece was "Eric Smith is Critical of Offseason Workouts." Eric responded on Twitter. "@GangGreenNation:
"I’m not critical of workouts. I’m critical of organized practices. Guys should get together and get in shape."

Fair enough. I changed the title accordingly. I apologize to Eric. The title was not as accurate as it could have been.

Many players have commented on how working out organized practices with teammates in the offseason are beneficial. Eric Smith apparently disagrees.

"I don’t understand why guys are doing this stuff. You’re risking injury," safety Eric Smith told the Washington Post in a profile published on Sunday. "And you got the rookies who aren’t getting paid any money, flying in to do these workouts. So they’re putting themselves in a hole before they make any money."


"Basically, we’re giving the owners all these practices for free," he told the paper. "They aren’t spending any money, but their players are still practicing. So they’re making out."

Spoken like a true free agent to be.

In all seriousness, I understand Smith's perspective. Playing football is a job. I think what it really shows, though, is how committed the guys who show up are to their teammates and to winning. I am not saying the opposite is true for Smith. It is just telling in a good way for the other guys.