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LT on Training Camp at Home

LaDainian Tomlinson spoke about the difficulties training camp in Florham Park might present the Jets.

"I think it will be more of a challenge, yes," Tomlinson said today in Times Square, at a promotional event for USA Network's new TV series "Necessary Roughness," which premieres tonight at 10. "Guys have more access to things that they really know: bigger city, their homes, whatever. So that will be more of a challenge. Whereas in Cortland, we were all we had, so we kind of had to stick together."

I know Florio made this point the other day. It is interesting because it is intangible. We cannot really say how much being in Cortland contributed to the team's success the past two years. In any event, this is why I am glad the team has gotten together in the offseason for workouts. Those meetings are not terribly significant, but they can at least help make up for some of the bonding that might be lost in Florham Park.