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Mark Sanchez Says He's Not Dating Hayden Panettiere

Now let's talk about some very serious news. Mark Sanchez was seen out with actress Hayden Panettiere this week, which caused a lot of gossip. TMZ has video in which Sanchez promises the two are not dating.

You might ask why this deserves a post. It does because it would have impacted coverage of the Jets if true. Remember when Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo dated Carrie Underwood? Pretty much every time Romo had a bad game, some writer would somehow connect it with his relationship and use it as evidence Romo wasn't committed to the game. You figure out how that works as though these guys can't have lives off the field. Tom Brady is married to a supermodel. He seems pretty dedicated to the game to me.

I don't really care who Sanchez dates, but this news will at least prevent one obnoxiously distracting talking point from being accepted in the mainstream media.