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Mel Kiper on the Jets

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper provided his thoughts on where the Jets currently stand.

Kiper loves the Jets' first-round pick, Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson. Outside linebacker should be a free-agency priority, and with the Jets becoming a popular consideration for seemingly all unattached veterans, they shouldn't have trouble getting one interested.

That is a really good place to be for a team, and I think he hits on a key point. The Jets might not have addressed all of their needs in the NFL Draft, but they might feel confident in their ability to do so through other transactions. Even beyond becoming a destination, Gang Green has a general manager in Mike Tannenbaum who has shown a willingness to be assertive filling the team's holes. Tannenbaum is really good at identifying and buying low on big talent.

With that in mind, the Jets also have less glaring needs than most teams in the league, including many Super Bowl contenders.