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Darrelle Revis Was Burned Less Than Any Other Cornerback in 2010

This is hardly shocking news, but Darrelle Revis was the least burned corner in the league in 2010 according to Shutdown Corner.

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets: 33.9%, 19 burns on 56 targets, 340 yards, 4 TD, 10 passes defensed

No real surprise there, right? What's interesting to watch is that as Revis establishes himself as the no-doubt best cornerback in the game, his targets finally dropped — from 108 to 56 in a one-season span, per STATS, Inc. That's what made his 2009 even more unreal; to put up a 37% burn rate on that many targets is truly out of the stratosphere.

And Revis had a three game stretch where he was playing hurt and not himself.  According to Pro Football Focus, passers throwing at Revis had a lower completion percentage than any other cornerback in the league in both 2009 and 2010. There is not much left to say. Just bow to Revis' greatness.