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Tony Richardson Praises Rex Ryan

Tony Richardson's time with the Jets could be over, but he still has kind words about coach Rex Ryan. He spoke with Bob Fescoe on a radio show in Kansas City according to Sports Radio Interviews.

"You know what? You have to love Rex Ryan. I think that sometimes people kind of have the wrong impression of Rex. The one thing I can say about him is he absolutely loves his football team, loves his players and would do anything to help guys be successful. People say he talks too much, but in the last couple years, having a young quarterback, I think Rex has done a phenomenal job of really taking the media attention away from Mark [Sanchez] and putting it on himself."

You hear all kinds of speculation about the impact Rex has on his team. Some seem to think it is negative. Comments like these show what Rex really means to his team. There is no reason that Richardson had to go that far out of his way to praise a guy who quite likely will never coach him again unless he really means it.