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Steve Weatherford Taking a Look at the New York Giants?

Jets punter Steve Weatherford is going to be a free agent. He recently talked about potentially going to the Giants as SB Nation New York reports.

New York Jets veteran punter Steve Weatherford, an unrestricted free agent whenever the NFL Lockout ends and free agency begins, says the New York Giants "would be a blast to play for."

The Giants and Jets are always going to be attractive alternatives for free agents the other team has. Since they play in the same place, a player who signs with the other will not have to uproot himself or his family.

On another note, I hope the Jets find a way to keep Weatherford. I know they seem to like T.J. Conley, and keeping Conley could save a bit of money to sign another free agent. Despite Steve's bad postseason, though, he had an excellent 2010, pinning opponents inside the 20 better than anybody and kicking a generally difficult to return ball. It might have been a fluke year, but considering Gang Green's chronic problems finding a quality punter, I think it would be worth giving him another year to see whether he really has turned a corner.