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Terrell Owens Recovering From Torn ACL

You can probably scratch one potential free agent receiver target off. Terrell Owens had surgery to try and fix a torn ACL.

Owens, who is set to enter his 16th NFL season, had the surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees, needing at least the next six months to recover, ESPN's Chris Mortenson reported Sunday night.

I am not sure how much interest the Jets would have had anyway, but that timeframe would put him ready to return around the end of the regular season at the earliest. Owens has a history of destructive behavior seeking spotlight. The idea of combining him, a young quarterback, and a huge market sounded like a potential recipe for something ugly.

This is bad in a way. It decreases the supply of free agent receivers available, which will probably drive up the prices of Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes to a degree.