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Would You Like to See Any Changes to the New York Jets' Uniforms?

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One division rival, the Buffalo Bills, recently unveiled their new uniforms, a blend of throwback uniforms with more modern ones. Since 1998, the Jets have had their current uniform design, which pays homage to the early days of the franchise. The Jets' uniforms are throwbacks, almost identical to the ones they wore in Joe Namath's day.

Do you have any interest in seeing the team change them? Should they think about going back to the design the uniform had from 1978 to 1997? How about something like those fake Nike uniforms that pranked the internet last year? I thought that one actually looked pretty cool.

I personally want to see nothing change. I like the idea that the uniforms pay homage to the team's history. Why change from the style Joe Namath wore as he celebrated his Super Bowl win in Miami? I know others like the 1978-1997 style better. Where do you stand?