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Is an Off Site Training Camp a Better Idea This Year?

Yes, I am actually linking to a Florio post because I think it is good. He questions whether teams might be better served by holding camps after the lockout away from home. It is timely since the Jets announced yesterday they are staying in Florham Park for camp.

This year, with the players locked out and no team-organized offseason workouts happening and no contact permitted between coaches and players and players for many teams scattered all over the country, taking training camp out of town will be even more valuable, giving the franchise the best environment for restoring relationships and concentrating on the task of making up for lost time.

Before we can address the issue, there are simply logistical issues. When going away from team facilities, a lot of things need to be set up in advance. What if the lockout runs long, and camp extends past the normal time? Off site facilities might not be available. Teams need to know in advance the dates they will be away. That is not possible in the current climate.

As for the bigger point, I see where he is going with this. However, that is also why so many teams scheduled events to work out together to keep that camaraderie. I think a familiar, controlled environment might be a better idea in some ways because teams do not want to have to worry about potential complications from feeding and housing guys.