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Jets to Host Training Camp in NJ, Not Cortland

This lockout has been nothing but a nuisance for football fans, but at least one thing good came out of it - Jets fans no longer have to drive into the middle of upstate New York to see their team prepare for the season. Because of the lockout, the Jets have been forced to host their training camp at their practice facility in Florham Park, NJ.

This will probably please most fans, as the majority of Jet fans live in the North Jersey/NYC/Staten Island region, not the farmland of New York. But the Jets brought a huge economic boost to the Cortland area, so I'm sure they are devastated at this news.

However, how will this impact the team's performance on the field? Will they miss out on the bonding that normally occurs in the isolation of Cortland, NY? Perhaps some of that may be lost, but they will still be spending every day with each other. It may even be refreshing for these guys to be able to go home every day rather than some dorm room.

Either way, you can expect me to be there on the regular.