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Brad Smith Says He Will Test the Market

Brad Smith is making no guarantees he will remain with the Jets.

"I love being a Jet because of my teammates. It's what makes it special for me," Smith, an unrestricted free agent, said. "But as a football player in the interest of business, you have to be able to explore and see what may be best for you, and that's what we're going to do.

"We'll see if we'll be back with the Jets. I love being with them, but you never know."

Frankly, the feeling seems to go both ways. If the Jets desperately wanted Smith back, he probably would have gotten an extension before this point. Drafting Jeremy Kerley seemed like a move to replace Brad. I cannot blame the team. Brad is great, but he does not do anything that comes with a premium price.

This is pretty ho hum. Smith's words apply to pretty much every free agent. I am even skeptical of guys like Braylon Edwards who say they will take a discount before contract time. I will believe it when I see it.