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Bart Scott to Donate Shirt Proceeds to Injured Rutgers Lineman Eric LeGrand

The story of Rutgers University's Eric LaGrand captured national attention and touched a number of hearts. LeGrand suffered a spinal injury in a game against Army. Bart Scott is starting a clothing line based on his famous postgame interview with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio after New York's Divisional Playoff win in New England. Bart made an announcement on where the money he makes will go.

Scott is launching a clothing line based on his famous slogan, with the proceeds to go to to the "LeGrand Believe Fund."

LeGrand's story struck a special chord with Scott, as Scott's cousin Jeffrey Pippen was paralyzed after a shooting in Detroit. Scott has helped Pippen in many ways, even getting him a car made specifically for paraplegics.

This is a great move by Bart.

Now, as always, here is footage of the interview. As you know by now, I look for any excuse to throw up the video.