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Blueprint for Patriots: The Work of the Coaches

The scheme the Jets ran in the Playoffs against the Patriots was a masterpiece. It required quite a bit of work by Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine to come up with and implement. The defensive coaches on the Jets had to commit to playing coverage against their tendencies and devising a number of complicated looks to throw at Tom Brady.

Simply put, few other teams have coaches with defensive minds like Ryan and Pettine. A lot of coaches out there are frankly stuck in their ways. They will not develop game plans as detailed for one specific opponent. They will not adjust from their own tendencies. They also are not as talented conceptually.
I wanted the Jets to hire Rex Ryan back in the winter of 2008-2009 because of his brilliant defensive mind and adaptability. It is not easy to do what he did to the Patriots. Few other teams have a coach as talented as him. Again, we have factors that mean the Jets might have confidence in their future against the Patriots. Other teams might have a tougher time doing what the Jets did, though.