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Have the New York Jets Found the Blueprint to Beat the New England Patriots?

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Today I am going to examine words Darrelle Revis said in the wake of the Jets’ Playoff victory in New England, where Gang Green’s defense confounded Tom Brady and the Pats. New England’s top rated offense got into the end zone just once prior to a last minute touchdown with the Jets up 14 and in prevent mode.

Revis’ words:

"It’s a copycat league," Revis told the Herald following the AFC’s Pro Bowl practice Friday in Honolulu. "Everyone’s looking for the new thing, or something else to do, to stop these great quarterbacks, whether it’s Peyton Manning or Mike Vick or Brady. We have to find ways to show them something different to try and beat those guys. Our game plan going in was great because we felt we could match up with those guys."

Have the Jets really laid out a blueprint for other teams to follow? In a series of posts today, I am going to take a look at what I feel were some of the key points of what Gang Green did on that January Sunday and see how much they might be able to endure in 2010 and beyond against New England.