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Jim Leonhard Cleared to Play

Jim Leonhard got some good news from his doctors.

It took months of rehab after his season-ending right tibia fracture, but three weeks ago, Leonhard said he received the "all clear" from doctors to take part in any and all football activities.


"This week was a definitely a huge breakthrough," Leonhard said by phone tonight from his former high school, Flambeau High School in Wisconsin, where he is hosting his annual football camps. "I felt I could push as hard as I wanted to and not have setbacks."

We all know about Leonhard's physical limitations. The defense also found its footing without him late in the year. Even so, this is very good news. Leonhard is an impossible guy to root against. He is a very good run defender and has a knack for getting himself near the football and making big plays. He can be a real asset if the Jets can find a cover safety to pair him with to cover for his limitations there.