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Roddy White Thinks Darrelle Revis Is NFL's Top Corner

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Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has a lot of respect for Darrelle Revis.

"Revis is the number one cover guy in the league right now. He's strong at the point of attack … He always get his hands on you. He disrupts the timing of routes. That's the biggest thing about the passing game, everything has to be on time -- precision. And he does such a good job of (disrupting timing)."

Revis can play receivers in any number of ways. He throws them off routes as White mentions. He can run with just about anybody down the field. Even if there appears to be an opening, his catchup speed and ball skills are excellent. He uses his strength to rip passes away from receivers. Over these next few years, I suggest appreciating what the Jets have because we will not see many guys play the position like Revis again.

The way the Jets use him to take away other teams' top receivers all game and free up other guys for other tasks also makes him the most valuable corner in the game.