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Brian Schottenheimer a Hot Head Coaching Name?

ESPN writers seem to think so. They rate him as the third hottest name out there.

Dan Graziano, a New York based writer, seems to differ.

"Having spent a good amount of time around that team the past couple of years, I just feel like defensive coordinator Mike Pettine is the more likely guy to end up a head coach," Graziano said. "Schottenheimer's under a ton of pressure as Ryan defers the offensive responsibilities to him. I feel like, if the offense has a bad year, he could end up in trouble or even out of a job. And given their youth at quarterback and running back and the uncertainty of their receiver situation, a bad year for the Jets' offense is possible.

I cannot help but wonder whether Schottenheimer would be such a hot name if his name was Brian Jones. He gets a lot of love for a guy who has led an offense in the top twenty in the league twice in five years and never better than sixteenth. I understand he has been limited at times, but when outside of maybe 2006 has he ever really gotten the unit to overachieve like say the Patriots did in 2008 with a guy who had not started a game since high school?

If Mark Sanchez develops into a star this year, his role in Mark's development along with his last name might be enough, though.