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Pick a Third Down Back: LaDainian Tomlinson or Kevin Faulk?

I would like to open up a discussion. LaDainian Tomlinson is allegedly going to be shifting into a third down back role for the Jets. Tomlinson has experience in that role because he was in his prime a three down back. His pass catching ability and blocking skills allowed him to stay on the field. He has never been limited to being a specialist, though, and sitting out long periods of time.

Available in free agency, though, will be Kevin Faulk, who for years was an ace in that role for the Patriots. He might have been the best third down back in the league. His is coming off a torn ACL, though. The Pats found some success last year with Benjarvis Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead and took a pair of backs in the Draft. Faulk might have trouble finding a home in New England. Even though he is older and coming off that injury, his body has taken far less of a pounding through the years than Tomlinson's has. He has less than one-third of the number of career touches of LT.

How would you feel about getting Faulk to carry out the role and jettison LT?

I would not be a big fan. I think the knee is risky. LT also showed signs that he still has something in the tank when fresh. It is worth discussing, though, given Faulk's track record as a third down back and the ways these two franchises like to tweak each other by signing each other's former players.

How about you?