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Chad Henne Favored to Start in Miami?

Tony Sparano, head coach of the rival Dolphins, is dropping hints that Chad Henne might be his starter.

That point was reinforced last week when coach Tony Sparano was asked if there’s a good chance Henne will be the starter this season. Sparano immediately said yes — a contrast to the "we’ll see" response he often gives to what-might-happen queries.

Call me crazy, but I think Henne might actually be their best bet rather than getting some retread who has failed elsewhere. He clearly did not grow as the team had hoped he would in 2010. The struggles of his offensive line and running game left a lot of him, though. Their offensive coordinator situation was not great either (although I am very skeptical of Brian Daboll). Sometimes guys have bad years early in their career and bounce back like Drew Brees. If the Dolphins did not like any of the quarterbacks in the Draft, which seems to have been the case, they might as well make sure they do not have something in Henne, who has showed flashes of very good play at times.