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Joe Namath Helps Tornado Victims

Hall of Fame former Jets quarterback Joe Namath played his college ball at the University of Alabama. That is located in Tuscaloosa, where tornadoes devastated the community in April. Broadway Joe was recently there to lend victims a helping hand, which he documents on his personal website.

Later that afternoon we had the opportunity to visit with volunteers around the city and see first hand the work they’re doing to help the victims of the tornado. We met the folks behind the scenes with ‘Recover Tuscaloosa’ and visited with them before meeting the team behind ‘Give Tuscaloosa’ at the Chamber of Commerce. From there we stopped by the Emergency Relief Services building and warehouse, where we met volunteers who had traveled all the way from Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana, to name a few! Seeing them and the work that they’re doing for people they don’t even know in a place they’re not from is such a heartwarming endorsement of love.

Click on the link above for the full story. I'm sure meeting a legend gave a lot of these people a reason to smile and forget their heartache if only for a second.