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Clayton: Rookie Contracts Likely to Be Reduced in New CBA

John Clayton of ESPN reports rookies will likely see their paydays from the Draft greatly reduced as part of a new labor agreement.

The expectation is that high first-round picks could take a 50 percent reduction in guarantees. Cam Newton, whom the Carolina Panthers picked first, might be about to get $25 million in guarantees. The dispute between owners and players -- which is only a mild disagreement -- is over how long those contracts should be.

The players would like first-round picks to be given no more than four-year contracts, with three-year deals being given to later-round picks. Owners want four-year contracts from Rounds 2 through 7 and five-year deals for first-rounders.

It was just a day ago I was complaining about rookie getting paid based on potential rather than production so I welcome this news. It helps hedge a bit against risk because these rookies have so many questions entering the league from learning a new scheme to new work habits to better competition.