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One Player's Take on the Offseason

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Tim Graham caught up with a current unnamed Jet this week to talk about what the team should do in the offseason.

I wanted to know more. To extract his veteran insight on the state of the Jets, I asked what his game plan would be if I could appoint him general manager for the next couple months.

How would he get the Jets over the hump from runners-up to AFC East champs and into the Super Bowl? He must have pondered that very question over the past few months because, without much thought, he rattled off six key steps to propelling the Jets upward.

Here they are, in order of what he felt was most important, along with his reasoning:

It is an interesting read if for no other reason than it provides a bit of insight into thoughts from the actual locker room. I find myself in agreement with much of what this player says.

Some of it is typical veteran talk. Veterans always want proven players and are not inclined to trust youngsters. That is why you see the comments about keeping Antonio Cromartie over Kyle Wilson and signing a veteran right tackle.

I think the most interesting thing is how much he wants Brodney Pool back. Pool is not a guy who got many headlines, but he played very well down the stretch. Not resigning him would leave a bit of a hole. There is at least one person in the locker room who seems to feel the same way.