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Report: Some Owners Object to Labor Progress

Recent reports have come out indicating the players and owners are getting closer on a deal to end the lockout. There is apparently some dissent among the owners' ranks.

A handful of NFL owners -- at least two of whom are from AFC teams -- believes the parameters of the deal being discussed don't adequately address the original issues the league wanted corrected from the 2006 collective bargaining agreement, according to sources.

Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and Jerry Richardson are the faces of the hard line owners, but the group apparently extends beyond that trio. That is unfortunate but not surprising. It seems there are some owners out there who will not be happy with anything short of an enormous capitulation from the players. No word yet on where Woody Johnson stands on this.

The good news is the league can afford to lose eight owners on the final vote since the three quarters majority required to approve it would only take twenty-four teams.