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New York Jets Win Public Relations Award

The Jets won a local award for their public relations this week.

The award honors New Jersey-based organizations that have excelled in consumer engagement, crisis communications and overall public relations. Jared Winley, director, and Nick Filis, coordinator, accepted the award for the Jets' media relations department, which includes senior director Bruce Speight and manager Meghan Gilmore, and for Jessica Ciccone and Laura Clemente in the team's corporate communicatons department.


The brand is also extremely active in the social media space with more than 850,000 Facebook fans and is the most followed team in the NFL on Twitter with almost 150,000 followers.

This team sure kept its PR staff busy over the last year when one thinks about the big name acquisitions, Hard Knocks, Braylon Edwards' arrest, Sal Alosi, Footgate, and all of the colorful comments coming from players and coaches on the team. Actually, the PR department might deserve a medal for having to deal with all that.