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Darrelle Revis and Mark Sanchez Among SI Fortunate 50

A pair of New York Jets are among the 50 highest paid athletes of the year according to Sports Illustrated.

14. Darrelle Revis

The three-time Pro Bowl corner reportedly wants $20 million a year. His 2011 haul is a good start: He'll make $24 million in salary and bonus payments based on his renegotiation from last September.

38. Mark Sanchez

Sanchez is hitting his mark in NYC, on-field and off: His performance in 2010 triggered a $1.25 million bonus, and he's finally starting to accept endorsement offers like the one he signed with Pepsi.


Revis is making $25.75 million, and Sanchez is making $17.75 million in salary plus endorsements. Revis is definitely worth his big salary. He is a dominant player and allows the defense to do a lot schematically that would be much tougher without him. Sanchez's presence on the list shows how broken the NFL Draft process is. He is making that money on potential. His first two years have been satisfying overall, but his play has not merited that kind of salary. It might one day. This is an example of why I hope the new CBA has some sort of rookie salary cap.