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Free Agent Predictions: Specialists Not Retained

I predict the Jets will not retain either of their free agent kickers.

Steve Weatherford: After a record setting regular season and introducing the team to Shake Weights, this might seem odd. Weatherford had a poor postseason, though. Beyond that, T.J. Conley is under contract again. The front office expressed how much it liked Conley in Hard Knocks. Conley almost made the team over Weatherford. There are a lot of other key free agents to sign. The Jets can save a bit of money at punter by going in a new direction.

Nick Folk: My guess is there will not be many objections to the Jets looking for a new kicker. Folk was up and down on field goals. Near the end of the season, his lack of distance on kickoffs became a liability for the team. There are a lot of unemployed kickers out on the market with upside. That spells doom for Folk.