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Free Agent Predictions: Defensive Guys Retained

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The following are defensive free agents I believe the Jets will resign. Once again, this is not necessarily what I think the team should do. It is only what I objectively believe the team is thinking.

David Harris: I think the Jets slapping the franchise tag on him just to make sure he did not get away with possible labor uncertainty looming says all you need to know. I still remember Rex Ryan mocking the media in 2009 for suggesting the team would trade Harris for a quarterback or a wide receiver.

Antonio Cromartie: The defense the Jets run puts a lot of pressure on cornerbacks. Erratic though Cromartie was in 2010, I get the feeling the team will want to invest in a guy who proved he could play well in the scheme. The corner opposite Darrelle Revis is going to see a lot of throws his way so this position is important.

Trevor Pryce: He will be cheap and would be a sorely needed proven veteran on the defensive line. I heard that Rex was lobbying him to come back for another year in the locker room just after the AFC Championship Game. There really is no reason for Pryce to come back. He has had a nice career, made money, and won two Super Bowls. Rex can be convincing, though.

Brodney Pool: I'd be lying if I said I had a great feel on this one. The only real official word about Pool was Mike Pettine being critical before the home game against Miami. From that point, though, Pool was like a different player. He morphed into a playmaker and was excellent down the stretch. He is not a big name and has a history of head injuries so I do not think the price will be too high. It makes sense going with a guy who got better as he got more comfortable with the system.

Drew Coleman: He improved a lot in 2010 and earned himself more playing time as the year went on. I think the Jets will want him back to push Kyle Wilson for the third corner spot.

Eric Smith: The coaching staff seems to love him, and he had a big Playoffs. I would not be crazy about this move. Because of the things I mentioned, I think he will make too much money for a limited guy who needs to be put in certain situations to have success.

James Ihedigbo: Cheap developmental depth.