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Free Agent Predictions: Offensive Guys Not Retained

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The following are offensive free agents I do not believe the Jets will resign based on months of reporting and other evidence. As a reminder, these are not necessarily my recommendations. They are only what I believe the team is thinking.

Braylon Edwards: Since the drunk driving arrest, the reports have been pretty consistent that the Jets are going to make Santonio Holmes the priority and perhaps lose Edwards. There have been rumblings in the locker room and in the front office about Edwards. Other evidence dictate this is the move as well. Holmes is the more complete receiver and would be more difficult to replace. The potential free agent and trade replacements aside from Terrell Owens all seem to be better suited for Edwards' deep threat role than Holmes' working underneath.

Brad Smith: I find it tough to believe the Jets would trade up in the Draft for a slot receiver/return guy/Wildcat quarterback if they were going to make a big play to keep Smith around.

Tony Richardson: John Conner seems poised to take over the starting fullback role from the locker room leader. The Jets were prepared to go with Conner last year if necessary. They cut Richardson Labor Day weekend with every intention of resigning him, but there was no sure things. I don't see them using a roster spot on a guy pushing 40 to be the backup fullback.

Wayne Hunter: Reports are that the Jets are going to resign Damien Woody. They at one point were ready to go with Vladimir Ducasse as the starting tackle. Then the lockout lost valuable offseason time to coach him up. If they viewed Ducasse as progressing enough to merit starting consideration, my guess is he will at least take over Hunter's backup tackle role. Some offensive line starved team also is apt to see Wayne's play in 2010 and offer him more than the Jets want to give.

Kellen Clemens: Drafting Greg McElroy this year makes it four straight years the Jets have acquired a quarterback to knock Clemens down the depth chart (Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez, Mark Brunell). This is a signal. The Jets were ready to jettison their former quarterback of the future last year had he not renegotiated his contract.